Gift a Grad at the UA Bookstore

10 Grand Grad Gifts from the UA Bookstore

What better place to shop for a UA grad than the selection of Zips gear at the UA Bookstore?

By Madison Latona

As the tassel is moved from one side to the other, signifying the transition from student to graduate, the quest for the perfect memento begins. 

As graduation quickly approaches, The University of Akron Bookstore emerges as a treasure trove of unique Akron gifts, each item a beacon of Zips pride and a tangible piece of the university spirit to accompany graduates as they step boldly into their new chapters.

Here are my top 10 grand grad gifts that can be purchased at the University of Akron Bookstore. 

Disclaimer: the bookstore has only a limited stock of each item, so go early. But if your grad party is later in the summer, you can find and order them on the UA bookstore website as well.

10: Zips Coaster - $7.98: A Zips Coaster is more than just a surface protector; it’s a daily reminder of the countless hours spent studying and the friendships forged over coffee tables. At just $7.98, it’s a small token that carries a wealth of memories, so it pairs well with that coveted check. Bonus: they have matching ones for Mom and Dad too.

9: UA Alumni License Plate Frame - $32.98: Take the Zips spirit on the road with an Akron Alumni License Plate Frame. It’s not just a frame; it’s a rolling proclamation of your graduate’s achievements and Zips pride, priced at $32.98.

8: UA Padfolio - $44.98: Organization is the silent ally of success. The bookstore has a padfolio with the University logo that is perfect to keep your thoughts and papers organized while looking sleek. The padfolio comes in both blue & black and is for sale at $44.98. 

7: Akron Alumni Coffee Mug - $16.98: Did you know that 74% of Americans and 1 out of 8 billion people drink coffee every single day? Especially the people with long days. So statistically, your graduate probably drinks coffee too.Celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of countless mornings to come with an Akron Alumni Coffee Mug. Priced at $16.98, it’s the perfect ode to perseverance and caffeine.

6: Akron Alumni Hat - $29.98: An Alumni Hat is not just a shield against the sun; it’s a crown of accomplishment. This stylish headwear, available for $29.98, tops off any outfit with a sense of achievement.

5: University of Akron Tie - $29.98: As the job hunt begins, making a strong first impression is crucial. The University of Akron tie is more than just an accessory; it’s a conversation starter and a badge of honor. It’s perfect for alumni events, interviews, or any occasion where you want to proudly display your alma mater. They are many options in store and online and they are just $29.98. 

4: Akron Alumni Crewneck - $44.98: Wrap your graduate in warmth and memories with an Akron Alumni Sweatshirt. For $44.98, it’s a hug from the past and armor for the future.

3: Gold Akron Letter Opener - $49.98: The Gold Akron Letter Opener is not merely a desk accessory; it’s a testament to precision and a symbol of the meticulous attention to detail that the University of Akron instills in its graduates. Ideal for alumni gatherings, office settings, or simply as a standout piece on the desk, it represents the sharpness of a Zip’s intellect and the golden opportunities that lie ahead. Available in a variety of styles both in-store and online, this elegant letter opener is only $49.98. 

2: UA Cufflinks - $124.98 or $66.99: Post-grad, everyone wants to look snazzy for interviews and new jobs. Elevate your graduate’s style with UA Cufflinks. Whether they choose the gold Z logo pair for $124.98 or the clink seal for $66.99, it’s sophistication with a touch of Zips flair.

1:  Zippy Squishmallow™ - $32: And the pièce de résistance, the Zippy  Squishmallow. This Zippy Squishmallow™ is for sale for only $32 after tax and is the ultimate cuddly companion for any graduate, doubling as an adorable pillow for restful nights.

Honorable Mention - University of Akron Class Ring:  While you can’t snag this gem same day at the bookstore (they have them on display, but they need to be ordered), the University of Akron Class Ring is the ultimate symbol of resilience and triumph. It’s a wearable story of dedication and success. I would definitely recommend gifting a University of Akron class ring. Graduating college after 4 years of perseverance is a huge accomplishment and grads deserve to get a little (not so little) something nice. Just look at how awesome they are!

Each of these gifts is a chapter in the story of a graduate’s journey, a tangible reminder of the past, and a beacon for the future. So, as you seek to encapsulate the essence of their time at UA, visit the UA bookstore and Go Zips!

Right: Images of license plate holder (bookstore website), Zippy Squishmallow™,  crew, coaster, tie, cufflinks (bookstore website) and class rings. Photos by Madison Latona unless otherwise noted. 

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