ZipsGuide Releases "Choose Your Own Adventure" Guide to Eclipse Weekend in Downtown Akron

The guide includes both a family-friendly and grown-ups itinerary with loads of local gems including where to eat, shop, party and relax for visitors who have travelled to the path of totality.

By Madison Latona

Akron is in the path of totality for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 for the first time in over 200 years and we are gearing up for some visitors.

Are you looking for activities before the eclipse darkens the 330? We've got you covered with our "Choose Your Own Adventure" in Downtown Akron Eclipse Guide. 

The guide features a family-friendly and a grown-up itinerary to help visitors find all of the best things to do from Friday, April 5 through Eclipse Day,  Monday, April 8.  

Guide Highlights:

Dining in Akron: Does deciding where to eat take up an inordinate part of your time when traveling (or just in general)? The ZipsGuide to the Eclipse is packed with local’s favorites and our recommendations.

Rubber City Fun: The guide highlights events happening throughout eclipse weekend, as well as many of downtown Akron’s hot spots. There’s so much fun packed in these guides that you won’t be able to do it all, but we wouldn’t blame you if you try.

The Sakura Festival: While there’s a lot going on throughout the weekend, the Sakura Festival, featuring more than 450 cherry blossom trees along the beautiful Towpath is our overall pick. It combines dining, fun, retail and nature to give you a true taste of downtown.

330 Retail Therapy: - Downtown Akron has shopping opportunities for all interests and styles. The guide lists some of the unique retail opportunities like Northside Marketplace and the Akron Bazaar: Total Eclipse of the Bazaar event, where visitors will find the best of what we make here in the 330.

We hope you enjoy the guide and all of our recommendations. Most of all, we hope you love your time in downtown Akron as you share a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event with our town.

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Madison Latona is an Akron Community Internship Program (ACIP) intern with Downtown Akron Partnership, funded by The University of Akron EX[L] Center for Community Engaged Learning.

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