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Woman-Owned 224 Creations Makes Gifts you are Proud to Give

ZipsGuide writer Taylor Loftin peeks inside the innovative world of Jenni Morrison, who prioritizes providing opportunities for veterans.

By Taylor Loftin

This Mother’s Day, imagine giving mom a gift she will love from a big-box store.

Now imagine giving her a gift she loves that was made by a mom, whose business is a tribute to both her mother and her daughter. Now imagine that gift also comes from a business that honors veterans and prioritizes purchasing materials that are veteran-made.

Wouldn’t you be prouder of that second option?

And let’s not leave out dads and grads. But, how to find a gift with all that meaning that supports a local maker? Are you near downtown Akron? Well then, piece of cake. 

224 Creations, a small, local business inside Northside Marketplace offers such a variety of products, you can most likely find a gift filled with all that meaning behind it for anyone on your list.

For 27 years, this small business has been more than just a gift shop. 224 Creations also serves as a testament to resilience and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Owned and operated by Jenni Morrison, 224 Creations is a tribute to her journey, her family, and her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Morrison’s journey into the world of crafting began long before she opened 224 Creations. Inspired by hermother’s skillful hands, Morrison found joy in creating with her hands from a young age. That passion evolved into a thriving business that serves as a tribute to her family and a platform for her own artistic expression.

It was her daughter though, who really got her started off in business, though.

“My mom taught me how to sew because my daughter just had to have an American Girl doll dress, but the clothes were so expensive! I started making American Girl doll clothes and eventually started selling them on Etsy and eBay,” Morrison said.

The name 224 Creations holds a deeper significance for Morrison, as it is a reminder of the struggles faced by military service members. With her father, husband, and son all having served in various branches of the military, Morrison understands firsthand the toll it can take on mental health. The number 224 is a reminder ofthe staggering statistics of 22 veterans lost to suicide every day, 24 hours a day.

Through her business, Morrison aims to raise awareness and support for these veterans, employing USsourced veterans who contribute their skills to crafting stuffed animals for children, coffee mugs, keychains, and kitchen towels that appear in the shop.

“We try to source everything in the United States so that we can keep our veterans working because they have a hard time finding jobs,” she said.

Walking past the shelves of handmade treasures, you can’t help but marvel at the diversity of items at 224Creations.

From the best-selling kitchen towels with quirky quotes to intricately crafted keychains, and mugs with heartfelt messages; each item tells a story. Sometimes that story is “Jenni is hilarious.”

On one shelf sits a small, crocheted traffic cone with the tag “official flower of Akron.” On another sits a tiny tube with a hand carved stopper that says, “my last nerve.” When you peek inside, you see a single hand-carved wooden word: “nerve.”

Another perfect gift opportunity in the shop is a kitchen towel embroidered with the phrase “OMG my mother was right about everything.

Music to mom’s ears.

The shop also has some Ohio and Akron-specific gear including pins, jewelry and some 330 coasters your University of Akron graduate might enjoy as they head off on their next big adventure. 

A teeny-tiny sampling (truly – the Northside shop is stuffed with goodness) of what’s available can be seen on their website: or their Instagram page.

The shop has already had several products featured on the ZipsGuide social accounts including, Color and Color Agains (see video to the right) and Sweary Jar of Affirmations


With everything she has accomplished, it would be tempting to think that it all came together seamlessly from her daughter’s love of American Girls.


It hasn’t always been that easy.


As a woman business owner, Morrison has faced her fair share of challenges. Yet, she refuses to let stereotypes define her.


A mother with two kids, she experienced people doubting her ability to succeed.


“Every time I turned around, there was someone saying ‘oh, you can’t do that. You’re a mom with two kids, you can’t do that’ and it made me mad,” she said. “I borrowed, I begged my family for help, and did everything I could to overcome every challenge that came at me.”


Instead, she wants to use her experiences to inspire others, especially women, to pursue their passions.


Looking ahead, Morrison envisions 224 Creations evolving into a stand-alone storefront in the near future, a makers-place where the community can gather to celebrate artistry in all forms by learning the basics likesewing, crochet, and embroidery. Morrison hopes to pass on her skills and inspire others to unlock their creative potential.


She encourages people to start small and not be intimidated by learning a new skill.


“If you know the basics,” she said, “you can actually do something and build on that. I mean, my son got through boot camp putting buttons on people’s uniforms. The basics!”


Recently, 224 Creations achieved a significant milestone with the opening of another location on Main Street at Lostetter Designs, an Artisan Market in Akron. For Morrison, it’s not just about expanding her business – it's about reaching more people, spreading joy through her creations, and continuing to make a difference in the lives of service members and the community.


As 224 Creations continues to thrive and inspire, it stands as an example of the power of creativity and dedication to a cause greater than yourself. 

With Jenni Morrison leading the way, the legacy of 224 Creations embodies the belief that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

Product photos from 224 Creations by Julie Cajigas and Shananne Lewis.

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