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Gifts that Make a Difference at We Care Tees

This local shirt maker offers positive messages and shirts as unique as they are

By LeAnna Faulknier

Do you know someone who cares a lot? How about someone who hustles? A dreamer? What about someone who motivates you and the people around them?

If you’re buying them a gift this holiday season, you might find the perfect item at We Care Tees.

We Care Tees is a small business located in Downtown Akron’s Northside Marketplace. They want to bring the cool back to caring, encouraging its customers to look good, do good and give back. 

Each of their tees is made of high-quality materials, but what makes them truly special are the designs that let the wearer showcase their personality.

“My sister Kelsey loves the shirt she has worn it a lot since she got it and she loves the design and color of it. She also loves how soft it feels and the way it fits her,” We Care Tees customer, Allyssa Hagenbaugh, said. 

“I’m not Crazy I’m a Creative,” appears over a black and white brain on one shirt, while another says, “Addicted to the Process.” A simple black tee says, “WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY I’M WILL.”  

The full list of collections is the AKRON collection, the CHUM THE CAT collection, the STAY HUNGRY! Collection, the MOTIVATIONAL collection, and the CREATIVE collection. For your astronomy-interested friends, they are offering a limited-edition Ohio Solar Eclipse 2024 T-shirt. It features a unique design inspired by the sun and the eclipse. Plus, there's a special poem written for this event on the back of the shirt, adding an extra touch to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The AKRON collection offers shirts for proud Akronites and the MOTIVATIONAL collection features 'Lead with Love shirts' printed hearts and a tiny bear.

They even have children’s shirts.

When considering all the unique designs, there’s a lot to love with We Care, but maybe the thing to love the most is that they donate 10% from the sale of all items to United Disability Services, Inc. and other charitable organizations that support and assist those with special needs. 

Hagenbaugh is a loyal customer who loves this brand. She talks about how they help people with disabilities and because of that they can have more opportunities. 


“I have a sister with autism and this organization gives money back to those with disabilities so supporting something that supports my sister it’s kind of like I’m supporting her in a way,” said Hagenbaugh. 

We Care Tees is located on the left side of the main area inside Northside Marketplace. They keep a small inventory of clothing in the market with more sizes available online at

So, head out to We Care Tees for one-of-a-kind unique gifts that also give back to the community. And, while you’re there, check out all the other incredible shops that Northside Marketplace has to offer.

(left top) We Care Tees has a stand in Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St. in Akron.
Photos by LeAnna Faulknier.
(left bottom) Allyssa (L) and Kelsey (R) Hagenbaugh who enjoy We Care Tees.
Photo courtesy of Allyssa Hagenbaugh.

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