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Let 7th Floor Clothing Outfit the Star in Your Life

Whether creating apparel to celebrate the NBA Champs or going viral on Lebron’s Instagram, 7th Floor Clothing has celebrity appeal, but its real accomplishment is supporting its local community.

By Chaudralyn Bell

Preston J. Clark, owner of 7th Floor Clothing, got his big break in 2016, after the NBA Championship Finals. 

Thinking ahead, Clark’s longtime friend, Frank Miller III, had called him to design a winning Cavs shirt well before the game ended. 

Spoiler alert, the Cavs won. 

Clark’s phone began buzzing with orders once the Cleveland team became champions. 

Not long after, Clark ended up designing a hat that would be discovered by one of LeBron's closest friends, Willie McGee. McGee sent it to LeBron, who loved it. Weeks later he shared a photo of himself wearing the hat, which went viral on Instagram. 

Once again, the phone started buzzing, receiving orders that would take months to fulfill. 

Continuing this trajectory, Clark began collaborating with local individuals and organizations, such as luxury eye brand, SVTH FORD.

Clark also introduced limited-edition, ‘I am Black History’ hoodies and t-shirts. The design celebrates the culture, pride and resilience of black history. 

With all these successes already under his belt, Clark is looking forward, designing pieces and prints for his inventory. But, along with looking forward, he finds himself reflecting on the past.

Always pouring back into his community, Clark knows all too well about the challenges faced by black business-owners. 

“You have to be perfect; being black can be a strike against you,” Clark said, reflecting on his own experiences. 

I remember hearing the same advice growing up, to navigate the world in general. Advice that is real, dry and cutting.


Before 7th Floor Clothing, Clark was an art student at the Columbus College of Art & Design. He found himself creating promotional materials for local artists & clubs. Today, the designer pays homage to those that inspire his own creativity, as seen in the Dr. Sebi t-shirts.

The business-owner has donated several t-shirts to the Akron Urban League for its staff.

He also speaks to high school and college students about running a business and navigating through that world. Encouraging today’s youth to never sell themselves short, Clark wants them to “know your worth, people will put ‘little’ in front of your passions, to minimize your dream.”

My personal experience in this store was excellent. I am a big fan of comfortable, yet fashionable, streetwear. I took a liking to the camo print fanny packs in stock, as well as the “I Am Black History” apparel line.

Located at Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St., 7th Floor Clothing carries styles and selections ideal for young trend-setters figuring out the next steps of their life. Browse Clark’s inventory of fanny packs, which are undeniably having a resurgence in street-fashion.

Meeting Preston J. Clark was an inspirational experience. In our quick interview, I gained insight on what it is like to be a full-time creative, and how to navigate owning a business as a minority. 

The most memorable piece of advice Clark offered me will come in handy as I take my next steps.

“Weather the storm,” he said, "You're going to face adversity, keep your poise and stay in character.”

This spring, when you are looking for a gift for mom, dad or grad, please give your support to 7th Floor Clothing, a local business that is focused on supporting its community.

Stop by the Northside Marketplace shop or visit Follow 7th Floor Clothing on Instagram and Facebook.

Right: Preston J. Clark with his We Are All Akronites shirt, followed by the famous Lebron dunk shirt, a new earth day design from 7th Floor, and finally Clark modeling the earth day shirt. Photos courtesy of 7th Floor Clothing.

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