Gift Chill and Indulge

Encourage Your Loved Ones to Chill and Indulge
With a huge cast and crew of rotating flavors, a gift card to chill ice cream and indulge chocolates will treat your recipient to an Akron confection experience.

By Erin Farmer

Anyone looking to give a sweet treat gift for the holidays would find such at Chill Ice Cream and Indulge Chocolates, the ice cream and chocolate shop in downtown Akron, owned by Pat, Zack, and Jeremy Jaworski.


This ice cream and chocolate shop provides locally made chocolates along with their unique, Akron- based ice cream flavors. 


For anyone with a sweet tooth on your list, the Jaworski brothers provide a local, unique ice cream and chocolate experience right here in Akron. 


For these three brothers, downtown Akron was the perfect spot for their shop because of the lack of frozen dessert shops in the area. 


“In downtown Akron and most of the surrounding area, there really aren't any frozen dessert shops whether it be ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, etc,” owner Patrick Jaworski said. 

“Chill is a great after dinner ice cream (or chocolate) option to compliment the any number of fantastic dinner places in downtown Akron,” he said.


With the amount of dinner options and events that occur in downtown Akron, Jaworski and his brothers figured it would be a successful place to open their shop and a good area for many people to come in and enjoy their chocolates and ice cream.  


While there may be other dessert spots in Akron, Chill has a lot of uniqueness to it, drawing locals and visitors in. 


“We are constantly rotating our flavors,” Patrick said, “we have thirty two flavors in all of our stores but seven stay the same while the other twenty five switch.”

The brothers swap rotating  flavors as they sell out.


Chill is constantly changing their ice cream flavors, which is unique in the sense that dessert places normally keep their standard menu and don’t change it. 

The shop has, at times, created custom flavors named after a person or place.

‘Fear the Roo’, was a flavor based on the University of Akron, and ‘Boys in Blue’ was based on and sponsored by the Akron police. 


For those who really want to try something they never have before, Chill is the place to do it. 


“We also have the ability to make just about any flavor that you can dream of and we have,” Jaworski said.

“Some of our more unique ones that we have offered in the past are Dill Pickle sorbet, Kalamata Olive and Feta Cheese, and Avocado Lime.”

Chill offers options for everyone as well. There are non-dairy and vegan options for family or friends who may not be able to have certain ice cream. 


“Another aspect that appeals to a lot of people are our Vegan/Non-Dairy options made with coconut milk and sorbets that are dairy free as well," Jaworski said. "We generally keep three to four of each of those at a time in all of our stores as well.”


If you would like to support a local Akron businesses, Chill Ice Cream and Indulge Chocolates has plenty of sweet treat options and gift cards to give.

If you want to go really big, you can reach out to Chill and see about sponsoring a flavor named after your loved one.

Visit the Akron location at 209 S Main St in Akron, or visit their website at

(left top) Chill's location on Main Street in downtown Akron. (left middle) A current specialty flavor being offered at the Main Street shop. (left bottom) The 'Indulge' half of the business includes truffles and other confections. Photos by Erin Farmer.

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