BlackRose Bubbles

BlackRose Bubbles Offers Vegan-Friendly, Year-Round Items to Add to Your Skin-Care Routine

The shop also offers seasonal scents including pumpkin, eggnog, fir tree and more.

By Jaliyah Thomas

Loretta Nancy, an Akron native, is the owner of Black Rose Bubbles, a lovely self-care business that offers seasonal scents like pumpkin, eggnog, fir tree, spring gardens, and many more that are available year-round with their handcrafted soaps, bath products, candles, wax melts, face scrubs, lip balms, and several vegan-friendly products that can be custom ordered. 


Nancy started her business in 2019 to provide the Akron community with year-round access to enjoyable, sensitive skin-friendly self-care products, and seasonal scents that everyone can use. All their soaps have a basic recipe of water, coconut oil, soybean oil, olive oil, saponified lye, mica, and essential or fragrance oils.


“I love the holiday season and pumpkin scents are my absolute favorite and I want to be able to provide my community with fun seasonal scented self-care products that they can access all year round,” Nancy said.


Nancy discovered that there were no vegan-friendly or seasonal fragrance soap businesses in the Akron area in 2019.  After conducting further research online, she noticed how small the selection was and discovered ways to create and handmade her products.


"I love being able to make my own products in any scent, design, or color I want,” Nancy said.


BlackRose Bubbles offers handmade products that are made with love and extreme care.  All products maintain their scent for a minimum of a year when kept in their original packaging, but after that time, they are all still perfectly safe to use.


“Creating my own soaps is the perfect blend of science and art that truly let me experiment with creating my own recipe,” Nancy said.


Visitors to their store may be able to get some of the best skin care products at a reasonable price. Because all of the items are vegetarian or vegan, they are great for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies to strong scents. Nancy concentrates her products by including different additions to the soaps, such as silk or turmeric, that have helped some of their consumers.


"The Death Wish Coffee and Charcoal bar has coffee grounds and charcoal in the bar to help exfoliate the skin, and has become one of my best sellers that people love to use as a face scrub," Nancy went on to say.


Their top-selling scents include Death Wish Coffee and Charcoal scrub soap;  Monkey Fart candles, Apple Maple and Bourbon candles, and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy lip balms. 


Additionally, they frequently participate in pop-up retail events in and around North Canton, Ohio, offering each consumer a fun, lighthearted, and instructive experience. By offering resources to educate people about soap making and about the overall impacts of the ingredients you put on your body, BlackRose Bubbles is dedicated to giving back to the Akron community. 


They also collaborate with children's organizations in the Ohio area to help kids learn how to create soaps and candles, which helps them realize the importance of taking care of themselves and understanding how self-care impacts their overall well-being.


Nancy's community involvement has resulted in a large number of BlackRose Bubbles Akron supporters. You may learn about holiday specials, Black Friday deals, and upcoming events on the BlackRose Bubbles Facebook community group. They engage with over 800 BlackRose Bubbles supporters on Facebook, where they can read honest comments about the brand.


Additionally, you can read testimonials from previous customers and other people who have interacted with the company.


Visit the BlackRose Bubbles shop or social media profiles to get hygiene and skincare advice. If you're unsure about the benefits, or the manufacturing process of their products, or would like to learn more about your skin type, they can help.


If you're looking for a way to make your skincare regimen more successful in the winter or if you'd want to give your loved one a new scent for their hygiene routine, stop by BlackRose Bubbles at the Northside Market Place. Their products make an excellent Holiday gift for anyone who appreciates seasonal long-lasting fragrances, candles, skincare products, or self-care.


You can visit the Northside MarketPlace or order online at You can also reach Nancy via phone or text at 330-809-8684 if you have any questions or requests.

(left) Images of the BlackRose product line available in Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St. in Akron's Northside District. Photos by Julie Cajigas.

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