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Community Call: 

Send Support for Chameleon Café as the family mourns the loss of their father, husband, and co-owner

With the loss of Mike Buzek, we are calling on all Zips and Akron community members to support the Buzek family and the Chameleon Café by purchasing a gift card.

By Madison Latona was saddened to hear of the loss of Mike Buzek, a beloved member of the Akron community, on February 13, 2024.

The Buzek family is enduring an unimaginable loss. 

We are calling on our fellow Zips and members of the Akron community to honor Mike’s memory by supporting his family and the business he loved, the Chameleon Café. The café is still open and operating as the family grieves.

According to his family and friends, the name Mike Buzek was synonymous with the heart and soul of Downtown Akron. His establishment, the Chameleon Café, which he ran with his wife Adria, was more than just a local business - it was a testament to his passion for the culinary arts and his dedication to his hometown. For 34 years, Buzek served Akron's community, catering to the city's biggest businesses and bringing joy to many. 

As the Buzek family navigate their grief, we call on the community to extend support by purchasing a gift card or e-gift card from the restaurant, either online or in person. This simple gesture would help provide a steady income for the family and the employees, lightening the load on the grieving family, as well as keeping the restaurant running during this challenging time.

Purchase your Chameleon Cafe Gift Card here.

Zips support each other. Adria Buzek is a University of Akron alum, so we are calling on the Zips nation to be there for her and her family and help support the café. Once a Zip, always a Zip. #ForeverAZip

Here at, we urge all members of the Akron community, especially fellow Zips, to join us in this community call.

Purchase a $50 card as a gift for a coffee-lover's birthday or a $10 gift for yourself. Purchase a bulk order and treat your staff to some of the most delicious food on King James Way. Any amount helps.

Every gift card purchased not only supports the family financially but also serves as a testament to Mike's enduring legacy in the Akron community. If we can support one another, then we can make Akron a better place.

Chameleon Café is the Home of 'Zippy's Chicken Wrap:' From Chameleon Café's Facebook Page: "Named after @zippytheroo - this wrap is full of zing! Garlic herb cream cheese, mixed greens, baked chicken, Szechuan chili crisp, thick sliced dill pickles, and Ranch dressing."

From Chameleon Café's Facebook Page: "It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Mike Buzek. He and Adria opened Chameleon Cafe in September of 2016. He leaves behind his wife Adria and his 4 amazing daughters. His passion for Akron, the food industry, and overall entrepreneurship will be missed by all. He was absolutely amazed and proud of the growth and popularity of this little cafe. You the customers and fellow small business owners fueled his desire to succeed."

From Chameleon Café's Facebook Page: "Thank you to the hundreds of customers and businesses that have reached out to myself and my family this past week. Mike didn’t work the day to day at the cafe, because he did so much more. He did the ordering, the accounting, the paperwork, the payroll, fixed every broken piece of equipment, maintained every piece of equipment, hauled in food every morning and trash every night, and did it all with a smile. He was more passionate about the food service industry than anyone I’ve ever met. My daughter Alyssa and I will be back at the cafe on Tuesday ready to grow this place in his honor. Hope to see you all next week. - Adria"

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