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Guide Update: Fat T’s Cookies Spreads Joy one Cookie at a Time

Highlighting the perfect gift for moms, dads and grads who enjoy a good cookie.

By Taylor Loftin

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From graduations to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Fat T’s Cookies has become synonymous with spreading joy on every occasion. 


If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift, look no further than Fat T’s Cookies, where Travis Howe and his team have got you covered with their delicious creations.


First things first, a sneak peek into the Mother’s Day specials include a whole month of treats inspired by Howe’smom’s favorite flavors, including white chocolate macadamia nut and a spring seasonal carrot cake cookie called “What’s up Doc?!.”


What’s Up Doc?! (WUD) is a spiced carrot cake cookie with walnuts throughout then topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. WUD will be available until mid-May. 


Commenters on Facebook are already going gaga over this cookie, saying “Been a long-time fan of these cookies but THIS cookie is fantastic! WOW so good!” and “totally agree, I think it is his best one!”


Besides the obvious deliciousness, why do these cookies make such a great gift?


“It’s a gift that puts a smile on your face and it doesn’t matter what age you are or who you are (unless you’re glutenfree),” Howe said. “You usually get pretty happy when you see a quarter pound cookie in front of you.”


Adding a personal touch is always a good idea, and Fat T’s offers customizable cookie subscriptions options that will fit your giftee like a glove.


Yep, you heard right, a cookie subscription. You can get mom (dad or grad) three or six-months of regularly delivered cookies. 


The Full Fat box comes with a dozen quarter pound cookies and the Fat Lite with six per month. Go for the Full Fat subscription box if they will have to share, and the Fat Lite subscription if they won’t.


Since its last feature in the ZipsGuide, Fat T’s Cookies has undergone remarkable transformations. 


Partnering with DoorDash and DashMart in August 2023 has opened new opportunities that have increased Fat T’s sales by an astonishing 757% on the app. Along with expanding their team and streamlining the baking process, FatT’s is ensuring that their famous quarter pound cookies reach their customers faster than ever.


Beyond the numbers is a story of connection with their community. Even though Fat T’s does not have a brick-and-mortar shop in downtown, it has become a big part of the hearts of downtown Akron residents. Their taste buds also have the feels.


“The company has become a cookie selling machine becoming a supplier in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana,Illinois, Virginia, and soon to be Wisconsin starting next week,” Howe said. It’s now easier than ever to hop on the app and purchase our cookies.”


The power of social media has been an important factor for growth for Fat T’s Cookies. Howe recounts aheartwarming interaction with a follower that he finally got to meet in person at the Youngstown Flea.


“They came up to me and said ‘hey, what’s up Travis?’ and I felt bad because I didn’t remember meeting this person before,” Howe said. “They explained that they have been following Fat T’s on social media since 2017 and drove out to the event from Pennsylvania. It clicked in my head that I’ve seen this person comment on our social media all the time and we reconnected like life-long friends.”


From charity initiatives like supporting Akron Rotary Camp and working with the iPromise School to accolades frommagazines like Cleveland Magazine and Akron Life; Fat T’s makes it a priority to give back to the ‘Fat Fam.  


With exciting plans on the horizon including expansion into new markets and an array of gourmet flavors inspired byyour favorite desserts, Fat T’s is getting ready to take the world of baked goods by storm.


To the loyal members of the Fat Fam, Fat T’s Cookies extends a heartfelt message of gratitude. Despite facing challenges, from temporary kitchen closures to overwhelming demand, their support continues to fuel the journey of spreading joy, one quarter pound cookie at a time.


A reminder from Fat T himself that regardless of life's uncertainties, a little sweetness goes a long way in spreading joy and bringing communities closer together. Find Fat T’s on Instagram or Facebook.

(Above) The 'What's up Doc?' and Momma Mac are both cookies based on Travis Howe's mom's favorite flavors. (Below) The pineapple express is filled wit white chocolately, pineappley, coconut goodness. and all of the cookies have been recently restocked in Northside Marketplace for your Mother's Day gifting needs.

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This Quarter-Pounder is a Cookie - and a Gift That Will Have Everyone on Your List Asking for More

A gym enthusiast and former college athlete Travis Howe, owner of Fat T's cookies, relies on his inner child to devise some of northeast ohio's favorite cookie creations.

By Carmen Addison

Fat T’s Cookies is more than just another bakery – it’s a testament to being creative and inspiring entrepreneurship with truly indulgent cookies. 


Behind this flavorsome venture is Travis Howe, a college athlete who earned a Bachelor's degree in sports management and business administration and a Master's degree in sports science. While struggling with post-grad-school life in Northeast Ohio, Howe needed an escape. Naturally, he flocked to the gym. 


“I’ve always dealt with feeling down through football or lifting weights,” Howe said.


With rising membership costs, he found himself needing some extra income to pay for a gym membership.  


“I was desperate for money,” he said.  


Howe resorted to baking - for the first time in his entire life - in 2017. Turns out, he was actually quite good at it. Relying on his knowledge of business and his newfound talent, Travis began the first steps in building his cookie empire.  


Coming up with a name for this developing business was the easy part. Howe knew that he wanted something that fits his personality and his product. Here’s the breakdown: Fat – the whopping quarter pound size of his hand-weighed dough, T’s – that’s the owner, Travis, and Cookies – that’s what he sells, cookies. 

The cookie monster is a special cookie that will be around this holiday season. Photo courtesy of Fat T's Cookies.

The name doubles as a pun and a conversation starter. According to Howe lots of people mispronounce the name, which he sees as a feature, not a bug. When it is mispronounced it gives him a chance to start a conversation about his yummy cookies and to repeat the name several times, building that brand recognition.


Cookies come and go but the flavor never stops. Fat T’s Cookies has flavors for every cookie lover including seasonal and stapple cookies. Travis isn’t scared to play with the flavor. He likes to make plays on other popular desserts, but still remembers to pay tribute to classic cookie flavors.  


A key question he asks himself is: “What would chubby little Travis want, and what would he think is awesome?


Fat T’s Cookies often finds its customers’ happiness through throwbacks to childhood.


“My personal favorite is the Cereal Killer cookie,” Carli Molinelli, a Fat-Ts fan said. “It’s scrumptious and nostalgic of my childhood and keeps a smile on my face.” 

'Chubby little Travis' is in charge of the cookie creations. Photo courtesy of Fat T's Cookies.

Santa Travis has all the sweet deals for Black Friday - Cyber Monday. Photo courtesy of Fat T's Cookies.

If you find a flavor you like, be sure to grab it quick. Cookie flavors are only made for a limited time.  


“My outlook is, you really don’t have a lot of surprises in life,” says Howe. “So, you really ought to try to save as many of them as you can.” 

Howe sticks with this philosophy for specialty cookie flavors and for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sales.


Every year for Fat T’s Cookies Black Friday sales, they randomly generate discount percentages (between 1 and 30%) every three hours. The best way to get the deals is to check back every three hours to snag the deepest discount.

"It’s a nice game of chicken," says Howe. "We go up pretty high."

Because the deals are random, customers have to decide if they want to let it ride or pull the trigger, sometimes missing out on a higher percentage off in a later round.

The only thing guaranteed during Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday sales is treats from a shop that was named Cleveland Magazine's top cookie for a great price.


Want to gift these delectable flavors?  


“The easiest thing to do is order a six or twelve pack sampler,” Howe recommends. “Variety is the best way to go.”

Fat T's can be found at Akron's Northside Marketplace, in Acme stores and in downtown Medina. 


Snowed in? Don’t even bother putting on your boots and coats. Fat T’s Cookies delivers. 

Fat T’s Cookies are now featured in Doordash’s DashMart. This makes ordering their cookies even easier and all from the comfort of your couch.  


For those who are out and about, Fat T’s Cookies also attends a variety of public events. They are primarily featured in Hudson and Haymaker’s farmers markets. The consistently attend events in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Youngstown, and Canton. 


Fat T’s Cookies is committed to continuing Ohio’s great efforts. Howe's future plans involve opening up to five locations throughout the state - but just in Ohio, though.

"I wanted to keep something for ourselves," Howe said. "I never wanted to franchise; I like taking all the smoke if something goes wrong." 

Hopefully he's up for the praise he'll get when everything goes right.


To support Fat T's and Howe's growing efforts, head to  or visit Fat T's Cookies on Facebook and give the gift of cookies.


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