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Encourage Mom, Dad, or Grad to Let Loose and Explore their Creative Side at Street Craftery

University of Akron alum Da’Shika Street created a space that is part self-care, part relaxation, part art therapy and all fun.

By Sarah Burneson

Da’Shika Street, co-owner and creative curator describes her space as she runs alongside her husband as “a pillar in the community” that space is Street Craftery. 

Street Craftery is the ultimate creative destination in the heart of Akron. 


From guided painting to candle-making, and splatter painting, Street Craftery is a go-to for letting go of anything setting you back from expressing creativity. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Street Craftery opened its doors. 


“It was an uphill battle,” Street said. “We have done a lot of work inside our studio and outside to really create and share the message that downtown is safe, and it is fun.”


Street describes her mission for Street Craftery as ‘to feel safe and welcoming, and a space to let loose.’ 


Street is working hard to make her space one that is hard to forget. 


“I wanted to offer a space where people could come together, be a little bit vulnerable and explorative through art,” Street said. 


Street also strives to make Street Craftery a space where people from different backgrounds and walks of life can connect.


“I wanted a space where people could see each other through the artistic lens,” Street said. “We really believe that art is a medium that is unrestricted by some barriers that you might find in other settings and really is a tool to bring people together.”

(Top) Da'Shika Street and her husband. (Bottom) Ready to splatter paint, photos courtesy of Street Craftery.

Street Craftery offers guided painting, splatter painting, candle making and sewing classes. Photos courtesy of Street Craftery.

Guests at Street Craftery would appear to agree whole-heartedly. The space is often described as feeling like ‘a warm hug.’


“We wanted Street Craftery to feel like a place where you can just kind of melt into, so to speak,” Street said. 


Customers can do whatever they need to get into their creative process and let go of the thoughts surrounding them. 


Does she follow the ever-changing crafty trends on social media? Sure, well, at least a little. Street describes that being ‘in the know’ on crafting trends is extremely important to her business. Though, she also strives to set Street Craftery apart.


For Mother’s Day, Street is offering a ‘Mother’s Day Refill’ session including candle-making and other activities that are still a secret. Street wants to give moms the opportunity to break from their daily caregiver role and refill their own bucket by creating art.


What is coming for Father’s Day? We aren’t sure, but we bet it’ll be amazing.


“We are always looking for innovative ways to make that experience interesting with art that you really want to hang and show off,” Street said.


For graduates, splatter painting is a must-do at Street Craftery and it is labeled as the most recommended on its website. 


When splatter painting, an artist puts paint on a brush and throws, flicks, or drips it on a canvas. It can also be defined as a fully body experience when using your body movements to make paint go different directions and make one-of-a-kind art. 


“It is definitely a release,” Street said. “You can make a cool painting and it's

 ready to go with you when you go home.”


Another popular project for the spring season is Street Craftery’s ‘moss on canvas’ workshops. Street describes the greenery provided to be fresh and new in your space after spending the winter months bundled up.


Street Craftery also provides guided painting classes for parties and individuals. Although the crafting is a little more hands-on and involved, they can be rewarding for those who follow along.

Where does her inspiration come from for the guided painting subjects?


“When it comes to the projects that we do on canvas (guided paintings), those are all kind of either something that I’m seeing in the creativerse and kind of doing our own spin on it,” Street said. 


Street Craftery is tuned-in to the changing seasons. Providing workshops for specific holidays and events is important to its owners. “We are always working on something really fun,” Street said. 


Street Craftery is located at 356 S. Main Street, in Akron. For more information on events, classes, and hours, check out Street Craftery’s website. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook @streetcraftery

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