Modern Traditions Co.

Modern Traditions Co is Making the Past Present

The vintage clothing company that had its start in the basement is now prominently located at the opening of the Northside Marketplace.

By LeAnna Faulknier

Modern Traditions Co. owner Aaron Gascon and wife Nicole Gascon in the large space inside Northside Marketplace. Photo courtesy of Mordern Traditions Co.

Do you need a gift for someone who exudes a retro-vintage vibe? How about a friend who searches high and low for one-of-a-kind pieces? Modern Traditions Co. recently opened a vintage paradise in Northside Marketplace and owner Aaron Gascon has a curated collection of retro threads that is sure to please.

The shop focuses on high-quality but hard-to-find vintage clothing including original all-cotton Levi’s, painter’s jeans, mouton coats, bowling shirts, leather coats, flannel shirts and jackets with decorative patches. The apparel is drawing shoppers from the Akron and Kent area and beyond. 

“I buy the vintage clothing to give it a home to keep the story of that piece going on,” said Aaron Gascon. 

His goal is to give his customers the enjoyment of shopping for vintage clothes in a happy environment to be in. His mission is to make the past present again, and give others the opportunity to own and wear amazing vintage pieces. 

Like vintage cars, vintage clothing is full of history. Specific fashion houses and lines printed products in specific time frames. An expert in vintage finds offers more than just retro products, they offer the story behind the fashion.

“I started about seven to eight years ago when I got into vintage clothes," he said.  "I would find stuff at local thrift stores and I found out how rare some of these shirts were."  

He began by collecting vintage clothes for himself, but later realized he had too many and started to sell them. 

Gascon first started his business in his basement. 

He had racks of clothes from floor to ceiling and even had an area where he would take pictures of clothes to sell online. 

“I got to the point where I wanted to focus on this business 100%, so I quit my job and continued to sell online," he said. "I always had the thought that I wanted to have a storefront, so it was affordable for people because online it wasn’t with the shipping.” 

That’s when he got in contact with the Bounce Innovation Hub. He was able to move his business there and have open houses every month for people to come shop. People could also make appointments to shop his collection.

It was TikTok that really made things take off. 

“I made a TikTok and it got about a million and a half views and it kind of grew my business to where it is,” Gascon said.

Two years ago, a TikTok video went viral. The next day, people started to show up, looking for Modern Traditions. To ensure his clothing was available anytime during the week, he decided to open the storefront in Northside Marketplace.

Gascon purchases more wholesale rather than going to thrift stores as much as he used to, but anywhere there are clothes he tries to find unique items.

“A lot of the time I usually make purchases from people’s closets," he said. "They will reach out to me and say hey I’ve had these clothes my whole life and they just sit in my closet,  would you like to come take a look at them?"

Modern Traditions Co.  isn’t just clothes though. Gascon also offers home good items and accessories. The next goal for Gascon is to add to his collection of women’s clothing. He currently has a little area of vintage dresses, scarves, belts, and purses. 

(top) A Goodyear Eagle jacket, photo by LeAnna Faulknier. (bottom) The Modtern Traditions Co. logo. Photo courtesy of Modern Traditions Co. 

Classic Levi Strauss & Co. jeans are a mainstay at Modern Traditions Co. Photo by LeAnna Faulknier.

On small business Saturday, for anyone who buys something in the shop, Gascon will be ready with vintage 1940s and 1950s wrapping paper. 

“My plan is when I am there, if someone buys an item as a gift, I will wrap it in that wrapping paper for them,” he said. 

In terms of Black Friday sales, Modern Traditions always offers items at very reasonable prices. He keeps his items as affordable as possible, usually is 20-30 percent lower than online retail.  


If you need a unique, one-of-a-kind, sustainable vintage clothing gift, find Aaron Gascon and his vintage store at 21 Furnace St. in Akron, or online at

Modern Traditions Co. is open Tues-Sat 11a.m. to 7p.m. and Sun 11a.m to 3p.m and hours are the same for the holidays.  When you walk into the Northside Marketplace off of Furnace Street, go through the main doors, straight past the register and the shop is on your right.

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