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Give the Gift of Self Expression
India Ink offers traditional tattoo service, custom tattoos and tattoo portraits.

By Erin Farmer

Anyone looking for an authentic, unique and safe place to get meaningful tattoos of any kind should visit India Ink Tattoo Company, a tattoo shop in Akron's Northside Marketplace.

This small, local shop provides traditional tattoo services as well as custom tattoos including realism, portraits, and other styles.

The owner of the shop goes by India. India likes to stand out.

As far as she is conerned, of the many things that make her company stand out from other Akron-area tattoo shops, one is most important. 

India Ink is the only black female owned tattoo shop in all of Akron.

“One of the main things that sets us apart from every other tattoo shop is that I’m a black female owner,” India said. “There are a lot of women in the tattoo industry, but there are not a lot compared to the men in the industry." 

India is proud of her tattoo shop being a 100% black female owned business because it makes getting a tattoo more accessible to women and men of color, who may feel safer in her shop.

But she's also concerned with everyone's comfort and wants to make sure that all clients from all walks of life can feel her enthusiasm and passion.

“My special connection with tattoos is my clients. I love my clients," she said.  "I think I have the best clients."

While some may see tattooing as art and nothing more, India focuses on its healing power.

India enjoys her art being a therapuetic outlet and every interaction with a client seeking benefits beyond the art is meaningful to her.

“Sometimes people are getting tattoos to cover up scars that are painful- to give them back some sense of normality to their life from something traumatic that happened," she said. "That [healing ability] is one of the things I absolutely love about it.” 

India Ink Tattoo Company is located in a large space toward the front of Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St. in Akron. It's another thing that sets India Ink apart.

“We have amenities right here in the building we don't have to go anywhere to receive,” India said. “There's a restaurant and all the shopping there, so you can do multiple things without leaving the space.”


For anyone looking to gift a unique, custom or detailed tattoo, India Ink stands ready to assist this holiday season.

 You can visit the shop at 21 Furnace St in Akron, or visit their website,

(left top) Tattoo created by India Ink, courtesy of India Ink's Facebook page. (left bottom) India Ink Tattoo Company's space in Northside Marketplace. Photo by Erin Farmer.

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