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Support a Newly Minted Entrepreneur Taking Her First Steps 

Humble Handz owner Nicole Jones has been creating out of her home, but for the first time her products are available to shoppers in Northside Marketplace.

By Chaudralyn Bell

Humble Handz by Nicole Jones has a brand-new space in Northside Marketplace. With a spot in one of the square displays outside of NOMZ, this is the first time Jones’ work has been available to the larger community.


Previously, she was serving a smaller community including family and friends who would stop by her home to select crocheted items or to customize a shirt. 


Humble Handz offers Jones’ unique take on crochet, Cricut and up-cycled materials to create gifts. Jones started creating early in life by learning different techniques from her mother and grandmother.


Rather than starting out with the intention of becoming an entrepreneur, Jones used creating as a means of therapy and release.


Over time, her crafting got to the point where she had to start giving away and/or selling the pieces to make space for her to continue her self-care.


The name, “Humble Handz” originates from a close cousin of Jones. They suggested the name due to the diligently crafted high-quality pieces that remain affordable for all. 


Going as far to give away items to those in need of a helping hand, Jones credits her foundation of faith and positivity as her inspiration.


In fact, Jones prays over every creation that she sells or gives away.


For now, Jones has a small, but lovely collection inside her square at the Marketplace.


Of these, I highly recommend grabbing one of her crocheted bucket hats – either as a gift or for yourself. The hat is adorable and of such quality, I couldn’t help purchasing one for myself during our interview.


“It is a dream come true, to actually have a place to sell my stuff,” Jones said. 


Before moving into this space, her products were only available from her home or at limited vendor fairs. As she grows, she hopes to see her offering and reach grow as well.


Another goal for Jones is to teach her craft to others. She hopes to spread knowledge on to the next person so they too can find the therapeutic benefits of crafting.


A gift from Humble Handz not only offers something quality and lovingly made to your giftee this spring, it also gives Jones the boost to bigger and better. Let your recipient know that their gift had a real influence.


As Jones sets up a website and social accounts, we will update the guide story. 


For now, you’ll have to stop by Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St. in downtown Akron to check out her wares. 


And, if you run into her there, be sure say hello. If you’d like a crochet or cricut lesson, she’d most likely oblige.

(Top Right) Nicole Jones (left) with Chaudralyn Bell (right) in the front area of Northside Marketplace. (Middle Right) This cube is home to Jones' creations. (Bottom Right) the crocheted bucket hat on a model form. Photos by Chaudralyn Bell.

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