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Earrings from Dover Clay Co. Make a Statement and Help Their Personality Shine Through
Dover clay co. owner Kellee-Carbaugh Yoder turned a pandemic slump into affordable, handmade jewelry.

By Madison Latona

Self-expression is the key to a diverse society. People worldwide express themselves through fashion and crafts. Kellee Carbaugh-Yoder was missing that in her life. 


During the pandemic, Yoder had a hole in heart that was longing for creativity and something that belonged to her. “I had a really busy life, and I was just missing something that was mine and only mine,” Yoder said.


 “I started messing around with clay and really fell in love with the craft and all the different possibilities that come with it,” Yoder said. 

It became a hobby and later that year it grew into Dover Clay Co. 


If you have an earring fan who loves to express themselves or just needs a pop of color in their life on your list, Dover Clay Co. should be your first stop. Carbaugh-Yoder sells her handmade polymer clay earrings online at her Etsy shop and in person at her stand in Northside Marketplace. 


The shop features many kinds of polymer clay earrings in assorted colors, shapes, sizes, and themes such as: Christmas ornament earrings, softball earrings, cow earrings, rainbow earrings. Each set of earrings that Yoder creates ranges from six to 18 dollars. Earrings can be bought online at Dover Clay Co on Etsy or at the Northside Marketplace in Downtown Akron. 


Yoder’s main mission is to create affordable earrings that others can use as self-expression and to keep pursuing her love of clay earring making.


 “I tend to stick more towards themed pieces and earrings that go with the occasion that is going on," she said. "My customers really like bigger statement earrings that can express yourself with. Frankly, I do too." 

Dover Clay Co. has some special earring releases to celebrate the winter holidays.

Yoder said that Christmas is her favorite time of the year because of the holiday magic, and she loves giving gifts to her loved ones.


 “I personally would rather give a handmade gift," Yoder said. "When someone really puts time and effort into giving a gift rather than just buying something mass produced. It means something."


If you would like an affordable, home-made gift, unique gift this holiday season, you can find Kelle Carbaugh-Yoder on Etsy at or at Northside Marketplace in downtown Akron at 21 Furnace St. 

(top left) A photo of Dover Clay Co. Owner Kellee Carbaugh-Yoder with her husband and three children. Photo courtesy of the Dover Clay Co. Facebook page. Photos of Dover Clay stand at Northside Marketplace by Madison Latona.

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