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My Eco Shop Offers Gifts Tailor Made for Environmentally Conscious Family and Friends

My Eco Shop offers reusable, sustainable, and natural products to help Akronites downsize their impact on Mother Earth. 


By Amanda Bruno

When Maggie Spangler is not at her day-job at a law firm, she can be found filling orders, writing newsletters, or checking product inventory for My Eco Shop in Northside Marketplace.

She had seen a need in the Greater Akron area for more access to environmentally responsible products and decided to open the first refillery in Summit County.

What’s a refillery, you ask? (Or maybe you don’t, maybe you already shop there.)

Refilleries are small businesses that allow customers to shop for household and personal care items while avoiding disposable packaging. Spangler offers products in reusable containers as well as the option for customers to bring their own reusable containers to “refill.”

Spangler’s own environmental journey began after she attended a Norwex party with her sister-in-law. 

“I learned what toxins are in our cleaners and how much waste you create with paper towels, swiffers, and single-use dust cloths and the light bulb went off ‘Oh we can do better here’,” she said.

As a small-business owner, she actively promotes supporting local businesses by purchasing her goods from other local vendors. “I do try to shop local first, so I get all of my reusable cotton towels and my dishwasher bars, toilet paper are all from Ohio companies,” she said,
and if I can’t find it local then I branch out.”

Spangler hopes to one-day expand her business into a storefront of its own. But as of right now, everything is just the way that it needs to be. 

“My main store is in Northside Marketplace so…any day job where I do not have to be there for my products to sell...helps since I do have two young children,” she said.

The two options for purchasing products from My Eco Shop are visiting the physical shop in Northside Marketplace or ordering online. Spangler offers both local delivery and shipping.

My Eco Shop also offers the Subscribe & Save Program, where members can get 12% off their purchase, one free local delivery each month, and bonus exclusive offers. “We live in Amazon age where you want things ready the next day, and people love saving money,” she said.

Even with Spangler’s busy lifestyle, she still works to ensure that her practices align with her values.

She works diligently to find Certified B Corp companies for her wholesale products to support the environmental mission. “Fair trade goes hand in hand with natural, organic, low to zero waste,” she said. 

Along with selling sustainable cleaning, laundry, and personal care products, Spangler also teaches others through social media. “[I] want to show how I'm actually using this in my day-to-day life,” she said. 

Maggie Spangler is determined to make becoming more environmentally friendly less stressful.

The current guide on her websites is focused on how to host sustainable events. “I think just remembering that there is an alternative to paper plates, that are not actually fully paper, that are not recyclable or compostable [makes] showing people that there are different options out there…a good thing,” she said. 

Spangler also offers a customized newsletter to anyone who visits to stay informed. Options include learning more about eco-friendly stitches, sustainable materials, natural solutions, and toxic free living.

She believes that you do not have to be perfect to be more environmentally friendly. 

“Ease into it, don’t get overwhelmed, it's okay to not change everything all at once, don’t feel bad about yourself,” Spangler said. 

She offers products for cleaning, laundry, and personal care along with sustainable replacements for what is typically single use. 

Anyone would appreciate a self-care day and My Eco Shop has the products. Customers can purchase environmentally friendly lip balms, bath bombs, foaming bath salts, and a reusable travel bag to create the perfect sustainable gift.

Spangler’s best-selling product is dryer balls which draw people in where their animal face designs. “If it's a cute thing that draws people in to get people to start thinking about that low-to-zero waste lifestyle then I'll make it work,” she said. 

She understands that being truly eco conscious can appear to be an overwhelming journey. 

Through consistent advice and information, Spangler tells everyone not to be too hard on themselves. 

“It’s okay, I have to tell myself that sometimes, even though that is single use, it’s okay,” she said. 

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Photos of My Eco Shop's Northside refillery  by Julie Cajigas and Amanda Bruno.

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