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Gift Glam Scents to Help Them Ease Stress and Discover Inner Peace

"The Greatest Love is Self Love" - Owner Ebony Jones offers advice for making Glam Scents a daily routine to reduce stress and relax.

By Jaliyah Thomas

Everyone needs a safe space where they can unwind, take a break from life and create their own positive energy that is centered around them. Glam Scents wants to be that safe space for its customers.

Glam Scents is a popular Akron brand that offers home goods, fragrances and more. If you're looking for peace of mind, a way to update your self-care routine, or even the ideal aromatherapy relaxation gift for that special someone for the holidays, visit the Glam Scents shop in the Northside Marketplace at 21 Furance St. in Akron.

Owned by Ebony Jones, Glam Scents sells handcrafted wax candles, melts, incense bars, room spray, accessories, gift cards, hand soap, and holiday candles that can last almost indefinitely when stored properly.

Choose from a wide variety of fragrances in their handcrafted, premium items produced with nontoxic ingredients. 

According to Jones, their candles are the best-selling items. Many of their candles and room sprays feature their signature scent: spearmint and eucalyptus.

Jones is a native of Akron, Ohio. Her business was fully established in just a year, and this December marks its three-year anniversary. She began selling candles as a self-care and relaxation product to help people decompress after a demanding day at the office or inside the classroom.

"The simple act of watching a candle burn and listening to the wicks burn, combined with the calming scents of the essential oils I use, lifts my spirits,” she said. Glam Scents is all about sharing that lift with others.

"All of my products create ambiance and provide a sense of relaxation," Jones said. 

When burning a Glam Scents candle, Jones wants you get more than simply a pleasant scent. She is hoping that the affordable candles in charming packaging will give you that sensation of calmness. 

Jones has advice for including Glam Scents in a self-care routine. 

"The best love is self-love, so you should always make time to discover your true self," she said. 

She suggests using Glam Scents as part of a nightly routine.

“After work or school, you can light a candle, enjoy a warm bubble bath, and even unwind to relaxing music," Jones said. 

An alternative way to add Glam Scents to a self-care routine is to make a date with yourself in the morning.

"Begin your daily routine with Glam Scents by lighting a candle to help calm your thoughts while performing household tasks."

Jones takes pleasure in giving back to her community, exploring innovative ways to produce goods for the Akron area and assisting women in overcoming daily obstacles through the practice of self- care and self-love. Visit Glam Scents and support their small business this holiday season. 


Learn more about Ebony Jones and Glam Scents by following them on their social media accounts. Discounts, customer appreciation, candle care advice, behind-the-scenes videos, and announcements of new items are all shared via their social media platforms.


Website:; Instagram: @glamscents; Facebook: GlamScentsllc; Tik-Tok: @glamscents

(left) Images of the Glam Scents product line available in Northside Marketplace at 21 Furnace St. in Akron's Northside District. Photos by Mona Abdeldaim.

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