Gift a Night Out in Akron

Gift A Night Out in Akron

Mix and match dinner, dessert and tons of entertainment options to come up with unlimited itineraries giftees will love.

By Sophie Webb

Sometimes gift cards feel like a cop-out or a gift that’s just not personalized enough. Then again, sometimes you want a gift for someone who seems to already have everything. Or, you may have people on your list who are trying to ‘Marie Kondo’ their life and simplify. 

Instead of that Amazon card that supports Jeff Bezos’ pocket, gift a customized night out in Akron, a city with world class entertainment, gourmet and indulgent eats, and a night life without the hassles of being in a bigger city.


Create a custom itinerary that speaks to the personality of the recipient by mixing and matching all the nightlife options Downtown Akron has to offer for a gift that shows how well you know them, that won’t take up space in their house and that will become a great holiday memory.


Below, we look at one possible itinerary and then offer a few of our favorite spots to consider when you ‘gift a night out’ in Akron.

The 'Beerwall' in Twisted Tomato. Photo by Summer Torok.


A great way to get the night going is some delicious food and drinks. 

Twisted Tomato is an excellent option for the first spot of the night. Locally owned by Brad Cover, the restaurant features unique specialty pizzas such as “Shrimply Alfredo” and “Cajun Twisted Steak” along with an eclectic beer wall full of IPAs, ales, ciders, seltzers and more.


“The atmosphere is perfect to grab a cold one from the beer wall and pickle pizza with friends,” Abigail Alt, a loyal Twisted Tomato customer, said. “The workers are super cool, and the menu has a ton of options.”


If you aren’t a pizza fan, you can pair your beer with a calzone, wings, pasta, or fried chicken as well. With a plethora of drink and food choices, Twisted Tomato will add a twist to your night out.


Just a quick 5-minute walk from Twisted Tomato is Chill Artisan Ice Cream, where you can get a sweet treat after dinner. The Jaworski brothers had a goal to build a business in the food industry.


“We knew that we wanted something that could show our creative side but also could appeal to a greater audience,” co-owner Patrick Jaworski, said.


The Jaworski’s decided on ice cream after realizing there were not many ice cream options in Northeast Ohio where flavors are frequently rotated and unique. A major plus about Chill is that it is in the heart of downtown Akron, surrounded by many restaurants. 


No matter where you decide to eat in the 330, Chill is always right around the corner.

If you want to keep the party going, this ice cream shop offers several alcoholic ice cream options such as ‘Lemon Drop Martini,’ or if you want to keep it chill, choose from their wide variety of sweet, savory, or even off the wall flavors.


Gift a loved one their own Ice cream flavor, as the chill owners can create almost any type of flavor. Contact the shop to learn more about custom flavors. Gift cards are also available online or in person to allow your special someone to get a unique dessert on their own time.


Musica is the last stop of this night out in Akron. Musica is an entertainment venue that hosts weekly live music, DJs, comedians, and more! Its small, intimate size gives the perfect vibes for any type of music.


Musica features a bar with liquor, IPAs, and cocktails to enjoy while listening to their variety of bands that perform. If you start getting the midnight munchies, Totally Baked Pizza is right upstairs and is bringing it down is encouraged in the venue.

Whether you want to sit at a table all night and enjoy the music, be a part of a younger crowd who never leaves the dance floor or be in a mosh pit headbanging and jumping around, Musica has a night for you.

“One thing I love about Musica is that there are different genres all of the time, you can see bands of just about any genre,” said Issy Alt, former employee. “One thing that is consistent throughout the shows is how everyone is there to have a good time and enjoy good music in positive spirits.”

If you want to gift a concert to a loved one, make sure to check their website for what band(s) are playing on which night. Some concerts vary from free, to having tickets available for purchase, to being 21+ only. Depending on the artist, some tickets are sold beforehand or just at the door.

Gift A Night Out in Akron: Itinerary Ideas

Our FAVORITE Itinerary Picks for Gifting a Night Out in Akron


Dinner Time
Twisted Tomato, 325 S. Main St. Akron, OH, (330)-849-5707

Why we love it: Unique specialties pizzas, atmosphere, and beerwall(!!). A place for all ages to enjoy.


Cilantro, 326 South Main Street Akron, OH, (330)-434-2876

Why we love it: Delicious Sushi, and excellent cocktails. Generous portions of traditional Thai flavors. 


El Patrón Tequileria, 54 E Mill Street, Akron, OH, (234)-231-1665

Why we love it: A Tequila Tasting – need we say more?


Sweet Treats
Chill Artisan Ice Cream, 209 S Main St, Akron, OH, (234)-678-8008

Why we love it: A sweet ice cream treat, whether you want sweet, savory, or alcoholic. Vegan options are available too.


Insomnia Cookies, 367 S Main St, Akron, OH, (330) 529-5612

Why we love it: Open until 3 a.m. on the weekends, perfect for an after your night out snack!


Fat T’s Cookies, 21 Furnace St, Akron, OH, (330) 715-9751 (inside Northside Marketplace)

Why we love it: Delicious one-of-a-kind cookies for the whole family to enjoy. Purchase ahead and wrap to make your gift tangible. Bonus: these can be enjoyed in the post-evening glow at home. See a more in-depth story about Fat T's here.


Fun and Done
Akronym Brewing, 58 E Market St, Akron, OH, (330) 805-4081

Why we love it: Pair free Wednesday night trivia with an awesome beer selection.


Musica, 51 E Market St, Akron, OH

Why we love it: Variety! Whether you want to mosh, chill, or dance all night, Musica has something for you.


Nightlight, 30 N High St, Akron, OH, (330) 252-5782

A cozy, nonprofit, movie theater that shows independent and retro films along with delicious snacks, beers and cocktails.

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