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Find the Perfect Comic for Every Comic Enthusiast on your List

With over 45 years serving Northeast Ohio, Rubber City Comics has served our community for longer than any other.

By Christopher Stein

*Bonus look at Full Grip Games another incredible specialty shop in downtown Akron (below).

Often times 'geek culture' type shops have comic books, but don't necessarily specialize in comic books. Rubber City Comics is the real deal - a place where the selection of comics across genres is deep and broad.

Those shopping for a comic book enthusiast must visit Rubber City Comics in Downtown Akron at 74 E. Mill St.

When you gift a comic book, you're not only supporting a local business, you’re supporting the oldest comic book store in Akron and one of the oldest comic book stores in North East Ohio.

Rubber City Comics isn’t just a great place to buy a comic book. It’s a store run by people who are not only experts on comic books but also very passionate about them.

Miller has been collecting comic books since he was a kid and both working for and owning comic book stores since he graduated college. 

For your friends who are interested in finding a place to shop for comic books, Jason Miller, the owner of the store will be sure to help them find the genre of comic book that they will enjoy, and possibly help them discover a new genre that they might not be aware of.

In fact, the store boasts a whole cast of characters to assist you on your quest for the perfect comic:

Owner: Jason Miller

Manager, Artist In Residence: Dan Gorman

New Inventory & Marketing: Chris Smith

Makers of Dreams: Matt, Curt, Katelynn, Conner, Alex, and Logan

The Legend: Thom Hoff

While Miller sells classic comic books, it’s not his main focus. He wants to provide people a place to shop where they can discover new genres or buy the genres that they are familiar with.

He is also a fan of pop culture from the past and the present and does his best to incorporate it into his store.

“When I bought the store pop culture was crazy. People like the old-style comic feel, owner Jason Miller said. However, I decided to start selling some vinyl records and T-Shirts.”

“We do the big three Image, Marvel, and DC. We also try to do a lot of Indy books and graphic novels because we have noticed a lot of people like to get the whole story at once.”

If you or someone you know is looking for a place to shop for comic books, Vinyl Records, or T-Shirts Rubber City comics is the place to go.

Visit online and visit the shop at 74 E. Mill St. in downtown Akron. Their hours of operation are Sunday through Monday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(above) Rubber City Comics is filled to the brim with comic books of all genres and types. Photos by Chris Stein.

Full Grip Games

Those shopping for a board game enthusiast should visit Full Grip Games in Downtown Akron. We weren't able to grab an interview with the owner, but we still wanted to include this incredible specialty shop in the guide.

When you gift board games, card games or Pokemon Cards you support a local business and a community of gamers who love the shop.

Gift cards are also a great idea for friends and family who are looking for a new hobby shop or a place to find like-minded individuals who love to game. They can use them to participate in Full Grip's events such as Pokemon Gym leader challenges and TCG tournaments. Their Facebook page provides information for the time and date of all their events events.

Full Grip Games has a team of employees who are both knowledgeable and passionate about the products they sell. 

Visit Full Grip Games at 121 E. Market St. in Akron. Their hours are Monday through Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

Full Grip Games carries board games as well as popular card games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Image from the Full Grip Games Facebook page.

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